Item Number : MD-BSW280


    Power supply : electronice auto-ranging

    Input voltage : supply 100-240V,50/60Hz

    Live Fuse: T 5A/250V

    Neutral Fuse : T 5A/250V

    Max. power consumption : 470W at 230V (I=2.05A, power factor 0.96)

    Typical power consumption : 390W at 230V (I=1.8A, power facter 0.95)

    *Allow for a deviation of +/-10%


    Lamp : OSRAM 280W

    Base FaP2.5

    Lamp life : 2000 hrs (Standard mode) / 3000 hrs (Eco mode)

    Ballast : Electronic

    Optical System

    High luminous-efficiency glass reflector

    Beam range : 5 degree - 20 degree (spot application) /  2.5 degree - 10 degree (beam application)

    Colour wheel :13 dichroic filters + white

    Static gobo wheel : 10 metal gobos & 4 beam reducers

    Rotation gobo wheel : 9 glass gobos can be indexed and rotated in both directions at different speeds. Gobo wheel continues rotation.

    Glass gobos : outsides diameter = 15.9 mm, image diameter =12.5 mm, thickness =1.1mm, high temperature borofloat or better glass, "Slot & lock" system for easy replacement of gobos

    Prisms : Rotating 6-fact linear prism with continuous rotation in both directions. Rotating 8/16-facet circular prism with continuous rotation in both directions 

    Frost filter : Separate, variable frost filter

    Zoom : Linear motorized zoom

    Strobe : Strobe effect with variable speed (max. 15 flashes/sec)

    Dimmer : Smooth dimmer 1-100%


    Graphic touch screen for fixture setting and addressing

    Gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning

    Battery backup of the touch screen 

    Readout fixture and lamp usage, receiving DMX values, temperature, etc

    Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding , error messages

    Remotely switching on/off the lamp

    Built-in demo sequences

    Black-out while head moving , color or gobo changing

    Self-resettable thermo-fuse

    Stand-alone operation 

    3 DMX models (24/16 channels)


    Pan movement : 540 degree

    Tile movement : 270 degree

    16 bit movement resolution 

    Remotely controllable speed of pan/tile movement for easy programing 

    Movement control : tracking and vector 


    DMX in/out : 3-pin and 5-pin XLR


    Mounting points : 2 pairs of 1/4-turn locks

    Mounting horizontally or vertically via 2 Omega brackets


    Maximum ambient temperature : 45 degree

    Maximum housing temperature : 90 degree

    Minimum distance 

    Min. distance from flammable surfaces : 1m

    Min. distance to lit objects (Standard mode - 280W) :10m

    Min. distance to lit objects (Eco mode - 230W) : 7.5m

    Total heat dissipation 

    1600 BTU/h (calculated)

    469 Wh (calculated)

    Gobos & Colors


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