Launch of the New Logo

Dear Customers/Partners:

According to the development needs of Rico Stage Lighting, in order to further enhance the recognition and communication effect of the company's LOGO, and continuously enhance the company's brand image and influence, the company decided to make adjustments to the following:

1.       From JUNE 21, 2018, Rico Light will launch the following new brand LOGO

2.       The new LOGO design concept

In order to retain the customer's familiarity with the company, the new LOGO is exactly the same color as the old LOGO. Only the RICO changed to RIUKOE is more recognizable and unique. The design adds a sparkling red star, which is more in line with the characteristics of our stage lighting.

3.       The LOGO of the company's official website, self-media platforms, product information, marketing, and employee's business cards will be gradually replaced with the new LOGO. During this period, the new logo and the old logo have the same effect.


In the future, Rico will start with the brand-new look of the new LOGO and never forget the beginning of the heart and advance. It will continue to develop a new situation for the development of innovation in the enterprise and write a new chapter in the new era!

Sincerely Yours,

Rico Lighting

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