Four foreign stage lighting designs


As artistic director, Nikolay wants an immersive environment. The audience is drawn into the performance, similar to the previous tour. But the difference is that the audience is surrounded by video. This time it was the concept of the ceiling, inspired by the glass roof of the Vittorio Emmanuel II Gallery in Milan (the oldest active shopping centre in Italy), emphasizing the connection with the audience!

Non Stop Live with Vasco Rossi


Italian superstar Vasco Rossi's concert at the St. Nicholas Stadium in Bari. The design of Modena Park presents a simple, bold, original industrial look. On the stage there are four 6 x 4 meter "satellite" screens covering the front of the four truss pods, which are also equipped with lighting, and these tracks also fly up and down in the foreground/backstage. With these and split large screens, you can efficiently change the stage structure with automated prompts. All screen surfaces are 8 mm translucent, and Giovanni places a large amount of illumination behind the possible blast, bringing true 3D quality to the stage.



Love Ire & Song for Frank Turner

Folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner recently performed four vibrant four completely unique scenes at the Roundhouse venue in London. Light designer Tom Mason-Smith created four completely different lighting designs!

Catching the Beat in Singapore

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