Power supply:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption: 600W

    Fuse:T 10A

    Light Source:YODN MSD 440R20

    ColorTemperature :7800K

    Battery backup display

    Setting DMX address or other functions without connecting to mains power.

    Battery for LCD display charges automatically when the fixtures connects to the mains power.

    No need to change battery.

    Optical system

    High efficiency optical system, delivering extremely powerful output

    High quality dichroic lenses


    Pan: 540°

    Tilt: 270°

    Pan/Tilt moving speed adjustable.

    Automatic Pan/Tilt correction.

    Easy calibration and maintenance by magnetic home positioning.

    Pan/Tilt position lock for transporting protection.

    Dynamic Effects

    Focus:Electronic focus effect

    Zoom:Motorized linear zoom system, zoom range : 2°-50°

    Dimmer/Shutter:Blackout, 0~100% smooth dimming, independent shutter and various strobe effect.

    Color wheel

    3 color wheels with 5 color plus white


    Rainbow effect in both directions.

    Gobo wheel

    1 Fixed gobo wheel with 18 gobos plus open

    1 Rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos plus open


    Prism 1: 8 facet prism rotating in both directions

    Prism 2: 16 prism rotating in both directions


    DMX 512

    Date input/output: 3/5 Pin XLR socket


    Dimension:667× 335×393mm


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